Not arrogant, just better

A few months ago Berkeley PR launched its new website and I was asked to draft a new bio. Instead of just writing Paul Stallard, we decided to write a header that said something about us and about the way we work. Great idea when sat in the boardroom. Not such a great idea when you have to sit down and write it. That said, (rather smugly), I’m happy with mine: Not arrogant, just better.

For those of you who don’t know I’m a Red and there is a flag that is displayed at ground around Europe whenever United play saying just this. It is a hat tip to how I like to ‘relax’ outside of work but is also true when it comes to describing the way I work.

I abhor arrogance and find the drive for ‘better’ addictive. My job is to build and drive my agency on a day-to-day basis and to do this I have built a team of like-minded people. It is ingrained into everyone at all levels; we never take anything for granted and everyone strives to be better.

Our clients love this, as they want greater results, stories and campaigns. The team loves this because they are given an environment to be effective consultants, colleagues and professionals. I feel this is what I excel at. Ensuring both clients and the team feel that by working with Berkeley PR they become better.

I’m proud that the recommendations we make to our clients are the same as those we would make if we owned their company. Decisions are never based upon securing extra budget to keep shareholders happy. Decisions are made because they will improve our clients’ businesses. I’m equally proud that via our grounding in storytelling and commitment to results, we are training a generation of communicators that will shape our industry for decades to come.

#VoteStallard and all your wildest dreams will come true

Ok, that might have been a slight exaggeration….unless your wildest dreams are related to the future of the PR industry. In which case I might be able to kinda help.

I have been nominated for the PRCA PR Council 2014/2015.

The election began yesterday and will run until 5pm on Friday, 31st October and I would love to have the chance to get involved…….but need some votes.

Here’s the link to the online voting form where you can choose your three favourite candidates and hopefully I will be one of them.

They have asked us to run an active campaign to maximise our chances of being elected. Not sure what to do so how about I pledge to stop tweeting about football for a month and promise to listen to all suggestions and do my best to bring about a change should I get voted in. Can’t say fairer than that.

So please vote for me. It would mean a lot to be able to join the council and any tweets of support will be greatly appreciated.

#VoteStallard #PRCACouncil.

PR week awards 2014

Berkeley PR PR Week awards

This year I attended the PR Week awards for the first time as a judge. I have blogged earlier this year about what a rewarding experience I found being judge to be, so it was great fun to attend on the night and see the categories I had helped to choose the winner for, bound up to the stage and grab a selfie with their award and the host James Cordon. I also have to say, I thought he was brilliant and a real highlight.

Berkeley PR were up for an award which was a real thrill and although Sony Playstation went home with the trophy we were just delighted to be there. Great night, lots of fizz and I genuinely enjoyed hearing more about the winners and meeting the good and the great of our industry.

Congratulations to those who picked up a gong and sorry if you had to listen to me drunkenly drone on about how proud of my team I am!

See you next year PR Week awards

Where will you be sleeping on 3rd October 2014?

Your bed, maybe a relaxing hotel while on vacation? Wherever it is I am sure it will be warm and safe.

I will be spending the night along with eight other colleagues sleeping on the streets of Reading to raise awareness and funds for abused and homeless children across UK & Ireland. With the current financial pressures on families, homelessness & child abuse is on the increase across UKI. Please help by supporting to make a difference.

To help raise our target of £3k we are running a prize draw next Friday (3 October) with a first prize of an iPad Mini. BUT we need you.

We are looking for people to donate additional prizes or to buy tickets from us. If you have a prize that you feel will encourage others to buy additional tickets please do not hesitate to contact me. If you would like to buy some tickets at £5 each, please go to our Virgin Money page and make a donation in nominations of £5 and put the Berkeley PR team member in the comments box who can give you your ticket stubs and also potentially benefit from your generosity. The Berkeley PR team member who sells the most tickets will receive an extra days holiday to acknowledge their fundraising efforts.

Where does your money go?

£5 pays for emergency overnight accommodation for a child living on the street

£10 pays for a child to have a hot lunch every day of the week

£15 pays for a bath, three emergency meals, laundry, personal items & emergency medication for a young person living on the street


Please vote: The @BerkeleyPR website is up for design award

Berkeley PR website
Our brilliant new website, created in-house by our super talemnted team is up for a design award but needs votes. The Awwwards recognise the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world…….and I believe our team deserve to be sat alongside them.

It literally takes no more than 30 seconds to log in and vote but my appreciation would last a hell of a lot longer! Please vote and share.

Seven tips for an out of office message

One of my good friends always has an out of office on. Mainly because she is travelling a lot with work but I am now used to receiving one every time I drop her a line. Hers are actually pretty good and matched with FB and Twitter updates I can generally work out if I can call her on the mobile or not.

Some are terrible. This morning while trying to get some quotes from a company I received an OOO that simply said – I’m on the beach and won’t be thinking about you for a couple of weeks. I will come back to you when I’m home.

Quite funny not very helpful. It doesn’t direct me to anyone else who can help and doesn’t say when she is going to be home.

Hannah Jane Parkinson at The Guardian has just published some do and don’t tips that are worth noting. In a nut shell they are:

  1. Specify the dates you will be out of the office and when you will be back
  2. Keep it short
  3. Warn your colleagues before redirecting to them
  4. Understand the word urgent does not always mean urgent
  5. Don’t try and be funny if you are not funny
  6. Check for typos and then check again
  7. You can give detail, but don’t brag, bore or over-share

All good tips